To Connect and Serve: Where to go for MMLC Support Services

Good news for you Humanities faculty out there! The MMLC has completed our move to the NU Library and many of you may be wondering where you can go or […]

Bye-bye Blackboard, hello Canvas!

After a year of pilot testing, Northwestern officially debuts Canvas —  a brand new learning management system — this fall. Some of you might currently be in the middle of […]

It Don’t Mean A Thing, If We Don’t Have A Swing (Space)

This summer will mark the beginning of a massive renovation of Kresge Centennial Hall. The MMLC, along with many of the building’s faculty occupants, departments, programs and centers, will move to […]

Design – in Time – Saves Nine

The word “design” seems to be used more as a noun than a verb in the last decade or so. The “design” of the website for insurance exchanges,, was a big […]

The Importance of Design in the Learning Experience

This January, the MMLC welcomed Sergei Kalugin to join the department as a full-time Web application developer. As an accomplished designer who has previously in the commercial sector, I asked him his opinions about design for Education.

Questions for Todd Murphey: an NU MOOC Pioneer

At our January World Wine Web event, we had the pleasure to welcome Todd Murphey, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at McCormick. Todd taught one of the first NU MOOCs […]

Technology for n00bs: Video Accessories for Smartphones

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that everyone has at least one fairly strange obsession. And if you’ve ever looked at my hands, then you know that mine is […]