Curators / Faculty Coordinators: Huey Copeland, Lane Relyea, and Krista Thompson

Website Design: Jessica Rowe

Technical Supervision of Physical Installation: Marvin Lofquist (Associate Dean for Physical Environment, WCAS), Jessica Abrams (Manager of Construction Projects), and Cole Pierce (sound technician)

MAX/MSP Programming and Consultation: Joshua Fried

Network Systems Architect and Student Technical Training: Matt Taylor

Teleconference Administration and Technical Supervision: Patrick Ryan (Broadcast Production and Support Coordinator) and Gretchen Guo (AV Systems Engineer)

Graphic Score Performers: Andrew R. Nogal, Fritz Schenker, and Lauren Villegas

Interviewers & Text Score Performers: Yiran Liu, Folayemi Agbede, Diana Beshara, Abha Bhattarai, Carolyn Bishop, Tiffany Brathwaite, Adam Cooper, Kyla Gizzi, Dexter Hill, Allison Hinko, Rieka Jackson, Alexander Kemmler, Joyce Kim, Gina Lee, Judy Lim, Lisa Majer, Michelle Minarcik, Andrew R. Nogal, Erin O'Neill, Carrie Porter, Elizabeth Schaefer, Fritz Schenker, Abbey Schneider, Caroline Schwartz, Euhbin Song, Joshua Tendler, Rebekah Tsadik, Lauren Villegas, Hayley Wells, Vivian Wu, Jessica Bell, Kevin Brown, Daniel Cohen, Madelaine Eulich, Ally Gumbiner, Kathryn Holt, Rieka Jackson, Diamond James, Elizabeth Jones, Tiffany Sakato, and Stephanie Yiu

This work has been created with the generous support of the Pick-Laudati Fund. The James B. Pick and Rosalyn M. Laudati Fund for Arts Computing was established at Northwestern University in 2004 to support distinctive and collaborative campus activities in art and/or art history, including art production, art analysis and art presentation that utilizes computer technology, especially new types of art and scholarship that technology makes possible.

We are deeply appreciative of the Pick Laudati Fund and of all of the people who have come together to make this work a reality. We especially wish to thank: Northwestern’s Departments of Art Theory and Practice and Art History, Jessica Abrams, Claire Arctander, Ian Bennett, Russ Clement, Huey Copeland, Maura Costa, MR Daniel, Jeanne Dunning, Mary Finn, Sarah E. Fraser, John Keene, Stacia Kozlowski, Lindsay Larsen, Marv Lofquist, NWU Facilities staff, NWU Multimedia Learning Center staff, Cole Pierce, Steve Reinke, Lane Relyea, Jessica Rowe, Janine Spencer, Matt Taylor, Krista Thompson, Harlan Wallach, and Samson Young,

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