November 15, 2010

When SafeRide Becomes ScienceRide

The MMLC is happy to present the premier episode of ScienceRide, a new show that puts Northwestern students' science knowledge to the test when they least expect it: while hopping into the back seat of a campus shuttle van.

Michael Kennedy, head of Science in Society, a Northwestern University outreach initiative that aims to connect science to the community, wanted to find a new and fun way to engage students, to get them thinking and talking about science. Taking inspiration from Discovery Channel's Cash Cab, Kennedy envisioned a similar show that could take place using Northwestern's SafeRide student shuttle service.

Just after stepping in to a campus SafeRide escort van, students are asked if they would like to play to win by correctly answering 3 out of 5 questions. The prize? Science-themed of course!

(Watch in High Definition at YouTube)

To realize his vision for the show, Kennedy requested assistance from the MMLC and Media Architect Mark Schaefer, with whom he had previously collaborated on many video projects.

Over several weeks, Schaefer developed and a comprehensive production system involving specialized camera equipment and custom rigging in order to address the unique challenges of filming in a moving vehicle: a space that is , tightly confined, difficult to light, and subject to intense vibration.

Post-production efforts were equally intense and involved careful color correction, creative and engaging editing, and the design of an entire suite of custom motion graphics animated just for the show.

Read more about ScienceRide and view an earlier pilot episode at the Science in Society Blog.

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