November 19, 2012

iPad Workshop Promotes Ideas

The MMLC held the second event of its Fall iPad series, a Hands-on Workshop, this past Monday, November 19. Faculty participants each received iPads pre-configured, ready to go. The workshop presented three sample activities as case studies to illustrate the communicative, collaborative, and creative capacities of the iPad, as well as its ability to facilitate reading, annotation, and presentation.


The workshop was facilitated by the entire MMLC staff with special presentations from Mark Schaefer, Cecile-Anne Sison, and Matt Taylor. Mark discussed how the Camera and iMessage applications could be used for a collaborative activity on better understanding the use and possible origin of linguistic idioms. Cecile presented the virtues of the Doceri application and its abilities to navigate, record, and annotate live presentations. Matt discussed document hi-lighting and other ways of annotating PDFs along with methods for sharing documents using cloud services. Good Reader and Dropbox were shown as respective examples.

The MMLC invites all of its friends and colleagues to stay tuned for similarly exciting and engaging future events, including potentially longer-format events taking place on weekend dates where more in-depth exploration will be possible.

Posted by mmlcadmin at November 19, 2012 07:22 PM