July 26, 2004

Summer Hewlett Projects in Full Swing

This year the MMLC is engaged in several Hewlett Projects, ranging from the creation of a physics blog to the development of an interactive website on advanced French grammar. Our six summer interns started work on Monday, June 21. They are Erika Warren, Matthew Robinson, Adam Bennet, Daniel Escutia, Andrew Proksel, and Zach Schneirov.

Daniel Escutia and Erika Warren are working with Lane Relyea and Judy Ledgerwood, both of Art Theory and practice, to develop databases of digital art study images. These projects are partially in collaboration with the Visual Media Collection (formerly the Art History Slide Library). The aim of the projects is to provide a teaching resource in the form of a searchable database that employs index terms relevant to late 20th century art. An added benefit will be the addition of these same images into the growing VMC database where they will be accessible campus-wide.

Matthew Robinson is working with Barbara Shwom, of the Northwestern Writing Program, to develop a Writing Place web site that will function as a complement to the one-on-one tutoring services offered by the Writing Program. This site will offer resources such as discipline-specific writing advice and an interactive mechanism for online tutoring.

Andrew Proksel is working with Bernhard Streitwieser and Franziska Lys to develop interactive audio and video units to accompany the Fall 2004 class “Eastern Germany Since the Fall of the Wall.”

Adam Bennet is working with Margaret Sinclair of the French and Italian department to develop audio and video presentations that address advanced problems of grammar and of the finer distinctions between English and French word use.

Zachary Schneirov is working with Lecturer Andrew Rivers, of Physics and Astronomy to create a physics blog for Physics 135. The blog will act as an online student forum for sharing articles and links of interest as well as function as an announcement board for the class.

Zachary Schneirov will also be working on DiLL:the Digital Language Lab for his second summer. DiLL is a new software technology created by Zachary Schneirov and Matthew Taylor. MMLC Director Janine Spencer headed the project with consultation by Senior Lecturer Li-Cheng Gu of the program of African and Asian Languages. DiLL is a tool for teaching tonal, or inflected, languages such as Chinese. DiLL allows real-time high-quality audio communication between sutdents and teachers working on computers running Mac OSX. DiLL allows instructors to listen to and correct students as they are speaking. This kind of real-time interplay can be critical to successful learning, particularly for inflected languages where the same sound pronounced differently has a different meaning. Dill has demonstrated proof of concept and is pending final development towards becoming a distributable application.

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July 14, 2004

MMLC Launches New Website

With due craft and deliberation The Multimedia Learning Center launched today an eagerly anticipated new web site, boasting an improved, streamlined design and updated content.

The new site represents a collective effort among the MMLC staff but was principally led by new staffer, Jessica Rowe, who took on the site redesign as an initial project.

In addition to a new design, the site has important new features:

-- a news web logging facility: on its new site, the MMLC will endeavor to provide frequent news updates detailing new projects and upcoming events of interest to NU language and humanities faculty.

-- an interactive database of frequently asked support and consulting questions that is both indexed and searchable.

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