August 18, 2004

2004 Placement Tests Launched, Russian Exam Coming Soon

Online language placement tests for incoming freshmen and returning students successfully re-opened this week. More than fifty eager students took the placement test on August 16, 2004, the first recommended test date. For the MMLC, this continues a pioneering role in online placement.

For this fall, the MMLC has relaunched the fourth generation of its stable and proven OLPTS (Online Placement Test System) with some modifications to accommodate changes in enterprise directory services at Northwestern, commonly known as Ph or LDAP.

Additionally, this year, the online system will introduce a new method of results posting that more finely controls and personalizes student access to their placement information. These changes will allow for increased privacy and security.

Each year, the MMLC serves over 1,000 students with continuously available online placement testing in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, and Swahili. Work is currently underway to add an eleventh test, Russian, for use during New Student Week 2004.

To Learn more about placement testing at Northwestern developed by the MMLC and the NU Council on Language Instruction (CLI), visit:

Questions regarding the placement test should be sent to

UPDATE -- September 19, 2004
Placement in Russian now joins ten other online language tests with a new web-based version launched today:


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