January 19, 2006

MMLC Employees Honored with Service Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Mark Schaefer and Zachary Schneirov, who were honored Wednesday with Service Excellence Awards!

Any member of the University community may nominate an employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty for the Service Excellence Award, given by Human Resources at the annual Service Excellence Recognition Luncheon.

Mark is celebrating his 15th year at Northwestern, and his 5th year at the MMLC. Zach is an NU graduate and worked as an intern at the MMLC before he was hired last year as a permanent staff member.

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Updated Room Reservation Policies

In light of increased demand for both computer classroom labs and smart classrooms, the MMLC has revised its policies on room reservations.

Room reservation requests should be made before the fifth week of classes in the preceding quarter. Requests will be limited to classes in the Humanities until this time, when reservations will be opened up for the rest of WCAS.

Computer Lab Policies
The computer labs may be reserved only for classes in which students need individual access to computers or the DiLL software. Instructors should make reservations only for the dates their students are actively using the equipment. A syllabus may be requested to show that the room will be properly used.

The computer labs have a limit of 20 student seats, and classes with greater enrollment will not be allowed to meet in the lab.

Smart Classroom Policies
Only classes which need to use the projection capabilities on a regular basis will be allowed to reserve the room, and again, a syllabus may be requested to demonstrate this usage. Priority will be given to classes with a larger enrollment.

The smart classroom has 55 desks.

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