May 05, 2006

France Awards Academic Palms to MMLC Director

MMLC Director Janine Spencer was recognized for her accomplishments in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and research by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a ceremony held at Northwestern University.

Established in 1808 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the Academic Palms is the oldest extant civilian accolade awarded by the French Government. Following a decree in 1955, the "Palmes Universitaires" was raised to the status of a ministerial order with three ranks: Commander, Officer, and Knight.

Professor Spencer has received the honorary rank of Knight ("Chevalier"), in the company of family, friends, supporters and colleagues from the Department of French and Italian, the Council on Language Instruction, the Multimedia Learning Center, and the administration of the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

Professor Janine Spencer, Knight of the Order of Academic Palms

(Additional photos from the event)

More information on the Order of Academic Palms:

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