July 13, 2012

Summer Projects in the MMLC

With so many students and faculty away for the summer months, the campus may be quiet, but the gears are still turning in the MMLC where several tasks are underway: a comprehensive inventory assessment, summer web-development internships, placement testing, and the completion of a number of web projects.

Cecile-Anne Sison is leading, together with summer work-study employees Joel Garcia and Luke Moderhack, a comprehensive assessment of the department's audiovisual and computer resources identifying assets that need to be replaced, repaired, sold, or scrapped. Many obsolete inventory items have been listed on the Northwestern University Surplus Property Exchange and are available first to University departments, and then, to University-affiliated individuals for private sale.

Four web development interns, sponsored by the WCAS Hewlett Fund for Curricular Innovation, have joined the MMLC team this summer and are working on two medium-scale projects. Nicholas DiMaso and Alison Liu are working with faculty members Penny Nichols and Katrin Voelkner to develop an engaging web portal to the Global Languages Initiative, or GLI, which launches this fall. The GLI hopes to raise awareness of the importance of languages (and language instruction) in the fulfillment of a truly global education.

Two additional interns, Alexandra Chudler and Jason Pan, are working with Elena Lanza of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese to create an online text and workbook on the subject of Contemporary Spain for use in Spanish 199. The site will focus on modern Spanish history and culture, while also concentrating on important grammar points that can make the difference between being fluent or being proficient.

With the immenent launch of the 3rd edition of Le franšais internautique this fall, work is underway to enhance the brand new grammar workbook with a series of new interactive exercise types, and to complete a brand new administrative interface for faculty.

With so many exciting projects underway, it's easy to understand why we're glad to be working through the beautiful summer months.

Posted by matt at 06:00 PM