October 09, 2012

MMLC Welcomes New Director

This September, Katrin Völkner joined the Multimedia Learning Center. As Director, Katrin will provide the vision and leadership necessary to guide the MMLC as it explores new and exciting realms such as the digital humanities, while ensuring a focus on our traditional areas of support. Building on the momentum of innovation gained under the leadership of Janine Spencer, Katrin will continue to survey and evaluate ways in which technology can fulfill pedagogical goals and enrich the learning environment. We will continue to work closely with language departments as well as offer technological guidance for the broader Weinberg community to see how various curricula can be enhanced by technology. The alignment of the MMLC's mission with teaching needs remains a highly collaborative process that depends on close interactions between faculty and the MMLC. Katrin would like to hear your voice and she will be reaching out to many of you.

Posted by matt at 11:56 AM