March 11, 2013

Analog Music ▶ Digital History

The MMLC is at it again with another World.Wine.Web. event! Join us Friday, March 15th, at 4:00pm in Kresge 1-375 for drinks, discussions, and desserts!

This month's session is titled "Analog Music Makes Digital History: Teaching the US Folk Music Revival on a Networked WordPress Platform"

Michael Kramer joins us from the Department of History to lead the conversation. He will share information about his digital folk music history course and the modern digital tools his students use to investigate history, and how these methods fit into the broader emerging field of Digital Humanities.

Close out Reading Week with a little bit of fun! We'll have a glass waiting for you!

LINK: Read more about the "World. Wine. Web." series.

Posted by matt at 01:45 PM