January 12, 2014

WildWords Dictionary Project Launches

With words like "Norbucks," "Wooshack," and "the Cage," the spoken language at Northwestern includes a hearty stock of unique unique vocabulary. The students of a new class studying online dictionaries is working to collect and document this vocabulary as part of a new online dictionary project: NUDictionary.



The new course and its emerging website are part of an ongoing series of dictionary projects by Slavic Langauges & Literatures Professor Elisabeth Elliott, whose previous works included the Russian Intercultural Dictionary

To help prepare the course, Professor Elliott attended the 2013 Digital Humanities Summer Faculty Workshop, sponsored by Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and organized by the Multimedia Learning Center, Center for Scholarly Communication and Digital Curation, and the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities.

The class dictionary project includes two dictionary sub-projects, "NeD: The Northwestern eDictionary" and "WildWords," each modeled after the popular online dictionary examples of Wiktionary.org and UrbanDictionary.com.

While the NeD dictionary strives to include comprehensive, well-edited entires curated by students of the class, the exciting and fast-moving WildWords dictionary invites fast definitions from the entire Northwestern community.

Sergei Kalugin and Matthew Taylor from the MMLC lend ongoing technical contributions to the project.

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January 09, 2014

Winter 'Face-to-Face Time'

The MMLC is extending the success of its popular "face-to-face time" office hours concept into Winter Quarter. In addition to scheduling an appointment with a member of the MMLC staff, you can simply drop by to meet with us during specified times we have already set aside for faculty for anything from project support, how to better learn online teaching tools, or just to chat.

Winter Quarter "Face-to-Face Time"

Cecile: Monday 3-4pm; Thursday 2-3pm
Matt: Friday 10-11 AM
Mark: Tuesday/Thursday 10-11AM

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